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London Taxi Company Press Release


As news of a possible reduction in the age limit for hackney carriage vehicles emerges from the Mayor’s Office, The London Taxi Company offers the trade a worry-free way to buy their next new vehicle.

As the last Fairway leaves the roads of London, following the initial 15 year age limit restrictions laid out in the Mayor’s Air Quality Strategy, the trade have had the news that TfL have announced a consultation to review whether the age limit should be reduced by a further 5 years to 10, as officials strive to meet strict European air quality limits by 2020.

This news, coupled with other uncertainties, both within the taxi trade and the wider economy, mean that the decision to simply invest thousands of pounds in a new vehicle is made all that more difficult.

That’s exactly why The London Taxi Company has continued to offer a variety of options for drivers looking to update their vehicle. Drivers can buy their new TX4 for £37,995 outright with either cash or via HP (available up to five years), or they can take advantage of the Black Cab manufacturer’s most popular current deal and have the option to simply walk away in 4 years.

Here’s how the deal works:

– Buy new TX4 Elegance from £139 per week with a £2,995 deposit and get:

  • A 4 year, 120,000 mile vehicle warranty which you can extend at point of purchase up to 10,000 miles with a one-off payment
  • An unlimited mileage core engine warranty
  • 12 month’s road tax
  • 12 months’ RAC cover

– In four years’ time, choose to:

  • Buy your TX4 for a Guaranteed Residual Value of £14,450
  • Use your vehicle to part-exchange against a new LTC vehicle
  • Hand back the keys and simply walk away

TX4 has market leading residual values of more than 60% on average, so now is the perfect time to talk to the LTC team about releasing the capital in your current vehicle.  For example, LTC are paying approximately £3,000 more for three to four year old vehicles than in 2012.

For more information, contact The London Taxi Company’s Customer Relationship team on 0207 700 0888 or email



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