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Cabbies Welcome German App Ban



By Conrad Landin in Britain Wednesday 3rd SEP 2014

London cabbies welcomed a German court injunction yesterday banning the controversial taxi mobile phone app Uber as they prepared for two more road blockades in protest at casualisation in Britain.

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Uber allows smartphone users to summon amateur drivers via a booking system based in the Netherlands and over which British regulators have no control.

It has come under fire for calculating fares via a meter, as minicab firms are required to give punters a quote in advance.

Berlin authorities had already banned Uber over safety concerns, but it retains the support of Tory London Mayor Boris Johnson.

“It’s welcome that someone has taken a stand over a company like Uber, which seems to be riding roughshod over regulations across the world,” said black cab driver and Unite trade union rep Peter Rose.

“Fundamentally I don’t care whether Uber is there or not — all we want is for everything to be above board.

“Regulation laws are there to protect the travelling public. We’re now seeing the erosion of that legislation.”

“By allowing Uber to do the initial hiring from Holland, we could end up with someone doing it in their bedroom in the Bahamas.”

Cabbies have planned two demonstrations for September 24 and October 8, which they insist are not protests against Uber, but calls for consistent regulation.

RMT, which also organises taxi drivers, acting general secretary Mick Cash of transport union said: “The news from Germany should serve as a wake-up call to London Mayor Boris Johnson and others who seem to be beholden to Uber’s financial and corporate power.”

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