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Deregulation Bill: Unite Cab Section hands in petition against Government’s taxi & private hire proposals


Since the launch of the  Government’s Law Commission review in May 2012, the Cab Section of Unite has been campaigning to keep taxi and private hire services safe and in local government control.

Law Commission and Deregulation Bill

The law Commission completed its review and draft Bill in May 2014

With the next General Election now less that a year away and a probable lack of parliamentary time for the Law Commission’s proposals to go through, the Conservative led government is trying to push some of the reforms through via its Deregulation Bill. the Labour party will be voting against the Government’s changes to taxi and private hire law in the Deregulation Bill on 23 June.

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Sheffield MP raises taxi safety fears over Bill

As part of the campaign against the Law Commission proposals, Unite the union organised a petition to MP’s and Parliament asking for the government to scrap the Law Commission review and replace it with the Transport Select Committee recommendations. Unite wanted as many drivers as possible to sign the petition in as many licensing areas as possible to ensure that we reached as many MP’s as possible.

Unite the union Cab Section also organised two successful lobby’s of parliament as part of its campaign. 

Picture: Cab Trade News,

At 2pm yesterday, 23rd June 2014, Unite the union Cab Section will formally handed over that petition to Labour’s Shadow Roads Minister Richard Burden MP.

Regarding the proposals in the Deregulation Bill, Richard said in his article for Politics Home:

“The Government’s rush to rip up regulation is wrong. Labour will continue to fight these measures in the Deregulation Bill. We are standing up for the taxi and private hire industry, and the public who rely on this vital means of transport”.

Read Richard’s blog for Politics Home here.

The petition handover took take place at the Houses of Parliament yesterday at 2pm.


You can see mote photos at the Cab Trade News Facebook page

The UK taxi trade is facing many challenges; Deregulation, lack of enforcement, technology that bypasses safety regulations. Unite the union Cab Section is the only truly national union for taxi drivers, with dedicated branches covering the country.

While some have been dismissive of the Law Commission proposals, Unite’s cab section has campaigning vigorously, defending the UK taxi trade across the whole country, warning of the dangers deregulation has for the trade and the travelling public.

#Boris Totally Failing London Taxi Demonstration June 11th 2014

Picture: Cab Trade News,

Unite’s support for the recent taxi trade protest in Trafalgar Square reiterates how the union is fighting for the taxi trade against all deregulatory moves. Whether by Government or disruptive technological means.

For further information please contact Unite Cab Section’s Peter Rose on 07903 525 520


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