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Taxi fare will pay for itself, as delivery system streamlines with Thorworld


From MHW magazine


20 January 2014

The installation of a bespoke platform and ramp loading bay system from Thorworld Industries has brought greater efficiency, flexibility and cost savings to the manufacturing facility of The London Taxi Company.

Internationally recognised for manufacturing the distinctive and iconic ‘black cab’, The London Taxi Company, now part of Geely Automobile Holdings, produces approximately 3,000 vehicles each year, across both its Coventry and Shanghai facilities. As such, operations between the two plants are closely intertwined, with as many as 18 containers of automotive parts arriving in Coventry from China on a weekly basis.

The London Taxi Company was aware of time and efficiency issues while taking delivery of these crucial components. The containers shipped over from China were not compatible with the loading bay configuration in Coventry, meaning that the container from Shanghai needed to be unloaded on arrival in the port at Felixstowe, and then reloaded into a suitable curtain-sided trailer for delivery to the UK plant.

“We knew that doubling-up on the loading stage at Felixstowe was creating unnecessary expense and inconvenience,” explains Richard Wood, Supply Chain Manager at The London Taxi Company. “These issues needed to be addressed, so we researched the available options online to source a suitable solution. That solution was Thorworld.”

After seeing examples of Thorworld’s bespoke platforms, The London Taxi Company was confident that a similar solution would enable the same container to be loaded in China and unloaded in Coventry without double handling. Therefore, the company invited Thorworld to quote for a platform and ramp solution that would reduce inefficiency, as well as the expense of reloading containers in Felixstowe.

Designs were created and keenly priced to include a dock plate with removable fork lift handles, a platform with an 8,000kg capacity and a 10,000kg access ramp, in addition to access steps, handrails, bumpers and bollards.

“The designs created matched our expectations completely, and the integrated platform and ramp system has already shown its worth beyond a doubt,” confirms Richard. “The team on-site really enjoys using the kit and find that efficiency levels have increased significantly. Furthermore, as we no longer have to pay fees at the port to transfer container contents, the ramp will pay for itself within several months.”

“We’re extremely pleased that The London Taxi Company has chosen our designs, equipment and service to improve loading efficiency at its Coventry site,” comments John Meale, Managing Director of Thorworld Industries.
“We understand that the apparatus is being considered ‘a showpiece’ in the loading area, and hope that The London Taxi Company’s satisfaction, as well as the beneficial effect the equipment is having on its manufacturing processes, continues for many years to come.”

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