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London Taxi and Private Hire – Taxi ranks update



City Airport

The feeder rank at City Airport is changing and from next month there will be a new taxi feeder park, which will have 10 taxi lanes. This will be located just off of Hartmann Road. Taxis should move from the feeder park to the new small feeder rank on Hartmann Road.

The new feeder park is due to open in early October and initially there will be marshals on-site to assist drivers.

LCA Taxi feeder park

These changes are being introduced as part of the wider Crossrail works in the area.

Finsbury Park

We’ve recently received reports about problems at Finsbury Park Bus Station. The problems involve taxi drivers and the use of the loading bay outside Costa Coffee, mainly from 20:00 onwards and on all days of the week.

The problems include: 

Taxis blocking the cycle lane which runs alongside the loading bay

Taxis not allowing delivery vehicles on to the loading bay

Taxis not moving up on the loading bay when there is space

We have been working to try and officially appoint a new night time taxi rank in the loading bay and also a part-time taxi rank in the loading bay in Rock Street. While this work has almost been completed we have now had to suspend it following reports about the above problems.

If these problems continue then the additional taxi ranks will not be appointed.

Following a significant amount of work and engagement with taxi drivers at Finsbury Park there was an informal agreement to allow drivers to use the loading bay outside Costa Coffee under certain conditions and for a third taxi to use the designated taxi rank after certain times. The actions of the drivers causing these problems risk this informal agreement being revoked, the loading bay being enforced and drivers parked on the loading bay being issued with Penalty Charge Notices (PCN). 

If taxi drivers block the cycle lane in the bus station this means that cyclists cannot use it, are forced around the taxis parked there and put at risk of colliding with buses coming into the station.  Taxis parking next to the loading bay also blocks the entrance to the station causing problems on Seven Sisters Road and St Thomas’s Road.

There have also been reports of drivers:

Using their mobile phone while driving through the bus station

Turning left out of the bus station on to Stroud Green Road which is not allowed

Reversing out of the bus station

Not using their lights when it is dark

Being abusive towards bus drivers and police officers

These actions are unacceptable and put other road users, including taxi drivers, at risk. Action will be taken against any driver caught committing any of the above offences and their fitness to remain licensed will be reviewed.

Morden taxi rank

Taxi drivers picking up passengers at Morden Station after 19:00 should use the shared taxi rank/loading bay on London Road.

Increased enforcement to prevent other vehicles parking in the rank is taking place to help keep this space clear for taxis.

Rest ranks

We are often asked by drivers where can they stop to take a break and a list of TfL appointed rest ranks and refreshment ranks can be found in the TfL Taxi Ranks booklet which is available here.

There are also rest ranks in the City of London, these are free to use and drivers can stop for up to 30 minutes. The City rest ranks can be found at the following locations:

Aldersgate Street

Angel Street


Gresham Street

Noble Street

Queen Victoria Street

Ropemaker Street

St Andrew’s Street

St Martin’s Le Grand

Waterloo Station

We’ve received reports that taxis are over-ranking at Waterloo Station resulting in buses and other vehicles being obstructed and delayed. If the rank at the station is full then drivers must not over-rank and instead should move on. operations involving the British Transport Police and our compliance officers are planned to address any problems at the taxi rank. 

Marylebone Station

There are ongoing works in Harewood Avenue resulting in the northbound lane being closed between Hayes Place and Harewood Row but the southbound lane is still open and the taxi rank is still working as normal.

Turnham Green Terrace taxi rank

We’ve recently received a number of calls about which taxi drivers can use the Turnham Green Terrace taxi rank.

The rank is in the London Borough of Hounslow and whilst the borough boundary for Ealing is very close to the rank it actually runs along the far western side of the pavement on the northbound side of Turnham Green Terrace, meaning that the carriageway and rank are not in the London Borough of Ealing. This means that only ‘All London’ drivers and those taxi drivers who are licensed for the London Borough of Hounslow are permitted to use the taxi rank.

Prior to 2000, the Turnham Green Terrace rank was outside any suburban sector but was designated as an ‘island rank’ which suburban drivers were allowed to use. When the old sectors were converted to the current ones, drivers formerly licensed for Sector 5A who customarily used the rank could no longer do so as their new sector was Ealing and Hillingdon. To address this disadvantage these drivers were therefore allowed to apply to be licensed for the London Borough of Hounslow subject to undergoing a knowledge assessment of that one borough. However, this concession was only available to drivers licensed prior to April 2000 and is no longer available.

Any driver first licensed since 2000 for the Ealing and Hillingdon sector only is not permitted to use the taxi rank at Turnham Green Terrace. These drivers would only be permitted to use the taxi rank if they were licensed for the Hounslow, Kingston upon Thames and Richmond upon Thames sector or had become ‘All London’ licensed drivers.

Our Compliance Officers will be conducting visits to the Turnham Green Terrace taxi rank to ensure that only drivers who are licensed to use this rank are using it.

Bressenden Place – taxi drop offs

Please don’t forget that if you are dropping off passengers for Eland House, Portland House or other buildings in the area please do not stop next to or just in front of the lorry holding area on Bressenden Place.

A dedicated taxi drop-off space has been provided on Bressenden Place, before the lorry holding area.

Works at Palestra

Between mid-July to October 2013 there will be works around Palestra with these starting on the side of the building facing Blackfriars Road, meaning that the nearside southbound traffic lane will be suspended for about three weeks.

From early August work will be carried out on the Union Street side of the building and Union Street will operate eastbound only between Blackfriars Road and Nelson Square. Signage at the Great Suffolk Junction will advise westbound vehicles that entry into Union Street is for access to Nelson Square only, with other westbound traffic diverted north along Great Suffolk Street and via Southwark Street and Blackfriars Road. A contra-flow cycle lane will operate westbound on Union Street, with a barrier to segregate this from the main eastbound traffic. The map shows the diversion route.


Union Street will be returned to two-way operation as soon as possible and the remaining works, on Gambia Street and on the north side of the building, will be carried out in October.

Events and road closures

You can find information about major public events and works in London that involve road closures and could therefore disrupt traffic on the TfL website here.

Upcoming events include:

Sunday 6 October 2013, The annual Royal Parks Half Marathon will start in Hyde Park and will follow the route: Hyde Park Corner, St James’s Park, Parliament Square and Victoria Embankment. Approaches onto Victoria Embankment will be closed.

Saturday 2 November 2013, the annual Harrods Christmas Parade will form up at 08:00 and move off at 08:15. The parade route is Trevor Square, Knightsbridge, Bowater House, Brompton Road, Hans Road, Basil Street, Sloane Street, with the finish at Knightsbridge at around 09:15.

There are various events at Alexandra Palace and two taxi ranks – one near the main entrance to the Palm Court bar for smaller events and one in the east car park for larger events such as concerts. Information about upcoming events is availablehere.

Find out what’s on at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and the venues in the park by clicking here

Live traffic news and disruptions taking place on London’s major roads can also be found on the TfL website here.

You can find information about street works, road closures and events in the City of London here.


Open consultations currently include:

A10 Bishopsgate Footway Scheme

Read about the proposed changes to the footways along A10 Bishopsgate between Camomile Street and Primrose Street here. The closing date for commenting on the proposals is 4 October 2013.

Euston Area Plan

A draft Euston Area Plan has been prepared and a consultation seeking comments and views is currently being held. The plan includes proposals for taxis. You can find a copy of the plan and details of how to comment here. The closing date is 7 October 2013.

Improving Tottenham Hale – Proposed reduction of the speed limits

It is proposed to introduce a lower speed limit of 20 miles per hour on Broad Lane and the surrounding roads within the current one-way system. The closing date for the consultation is 18 October 2013 and you can find out more about the proposals here.

A4 North End Road – Proposed parking changes

Changes to some road markings are being proposed in part of North End Road, read about the proposals here. The closing date for commenting on them is 18 October 2013.

More consultations can be found on the TfL Consultation Hub and on the London boroughs’ own websites. 


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