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TfL London Taxi Ranks Update

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We Are FVSTL – Saturday 25 May 2013

On Saturday 25 May 2013 We Are FVSTL takes place at Damyns Hall Aerodrome, Aveley Road, Upminster, Essex, RM14 2TN.

The festival is between 11:00am and 02:30am and will be attended by 15,000 people. Shuttle buses will run from Upminster Station to the festival site on Saturday but to help people who want to take a taxi there will be taxi marshals at the station between 10:00 and 15:00 on Saturday.

At the festival site there will be a designated drop-off area plus a taxi rank and this will be marshalled from 10:00 on Saturday morning until the festival ends on Sunday morning. The drop-off area and taxi rank will be accessible from Warwick Lane.


At the end of the festival there are a number of after parties at different clubs and so it is expected that some people will want use taxis to get from the festival to one of the parties as well as to go home.

The festival organisers have been asking people how they intend to get home from the festival and 48% have indicated that they intend to use a taxi. Taxis will be an essential form of transport for people going to and from the event, so we hope that the local drivers plus All London drivers will use the station taxi rank and the taxi rank on the festival site. 

The estimated schedule for the event is as follows:

– From 10:00 Saturday 25 May – people begin to arrive at Upminster Station for the festival

– 11:00 – the festival opens

– From 21:00 – people begin leave the festival

– 02:00 – festival bars close

– 02:30 – festival ends

– 04:00 – expected time the site will be clear

More information about the event can be found on the We Are FVSTL website here.

Hammersmith Broadway works

For anyone who has missed the news, the emergency repair works in Hammersmith Broadway finished early and the normal taxi rank is now available to use. The temporary taxi rank in use during the works was monitored but no major issues were observed, so thank you for not over-ranking or causing any problems.

Liverpool Street marshalled taxi rank 

The late night marshalled taxi rank in Liverpool Street continues to be popular with drivers and the public but since the scheme first started more bars and clubs in the City are opening on Saturday evenings.

In response to this increase in late night activity on Saturday evenings, and following discussions with the City of London Corporation, we have decided to change the evenings the marshalled taxi rank operates. Instead of the rank being marshalled on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings it will now be marshalled on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings.

We intend to trial this and see how well the rank is used. If it is successful we will consider making the change permanent. 


Paddington Station is one of the busiest stations in London with a lot of the passengers from the station continuing their journey by taxi. The roads around the station are also extremely busy but unfortunately we’ve continued to  receive complaints about taxis in the Paddington Station area and specifically in Praed Street, Edgware Road and Harrow Road.

The complaints include:

– Emergency service vehicles being obstructed and delayed, particularly by taxis stopping and parking around the Praed Street/London Street junction

– The junction at Praed Street/Edgware Road being blocked

– Buses being obstructed

– Taxis parking in the cycle lane and Advance Stop Line (ASL) area on Praed Street

– Construction traffic from worksites in the area being obstructed and delayed

– Road users being delayed on Harrow Road

These problems are primarily as a result of taxis:

– Stopping and parking in Praed Street outside the station exit/Hilton Hotel

– Over-ranking along Harrow Road, Edgware Road and into Praed Street

Although the taxi rank at the station can become very busy, over-ranking at the station and waiting in the surrounding roads is causing a serious problem and the police have informed us that they will start on-street compliance activities in this area if the problems continue.

The on-street enforcement action will include issuing Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) to drivers plus camera enforcement in this area will also commence.  Taxi drivers should take all possible steps they can to avoid over-ranking or causing obstructions, otherwise they risk being issued with a PCN. When dropping off or picking passengers drivers should also try to avoid stopping where it will delay emergency service vehicles.

Chelsea Flower Show

The Chelsea Flower Show takes place between Tuesday 21 May and Saturday 25 May 2013 and as in previous years a taxi rank will operate during the event.

The taxi rank will be in two portions:

– 1st portion is for 5 spaces and is in the bullring/entrance of the flower show

– 2nd portion is for 4 taxis and is on Chelsea Embankment, in the suspended bus stop

Drivers must not park or rank on the zig-zag lines when using the ranks.

Take a break

Parking spaces in London can be hard to find with parking in Westminster very much at a premium but in Palace Street there are taxi meter bays which are for taxis only. The charges are lower than normal parking meter bays and provide drivers with a dedicated place to stop and take a break.

It has been reported that the bays are underused and unfortunately if drivers do not use these taxi meter bays then there is a risk that they will be reviewed and converted into other forms of parking bays by Westminster City Council. If you want to make sure the bays in Palace Street don’t come under review please make sure you use them.

We know that taxi drivers would like more rest ranks and are looking at suggestions for new rest ranks. One suggestion put forward is to convert the taxi rank in Montpelier Street into a rest rank. If you have any comments on this proposal then let us know by emailing

It is important that drivers only leave their taxi on designated taxi meter bays, refreshment ranks and rest ranks when they want to take a break and don’t leave taxis unattended on working ranks. There have recently been complaints from drivers about unattended taxis on the following ranks:

– Hamilton Place

– Stanhope Gate

– Wardour Street (near Humus Bros restaurant)

– Dover Street

– The Broadway (Elm Park Station)

– Chase Side (Southgate Station) 

Hornchurch taxi rank trial

The Hornchurch taxi rank trial is continuing and the feedback so far has been positive. Since the trial started there have been some small changes and the taxi rank is now in three portions:

– 1st portion is still in Hornchurch High Street and is for 4 taxis only

– 2nd portion is in Billet Lane but the front of the 2nd portion has been moved closer to Hornchurch High Street and extended to 8 spaces

– 3rd portion is in Billet Lane and is for 10 taxis 

There are temporary taxi rank stops at both of the portions in Billet Lane to tell drivers where to rank.

The trial will continue to be monitored and drivers are reminded that they must not:

– Rank outside of the agreed taxi rank portions

– Over-rank or cause any obstructions

– Block buses or any other vehicles


Complaints have continued to be received about taxis queuing on the corner of Hans Road/Basil Street/near Walton Place. This is obstructing other vehicles and causing problems for local residents and businesses.

If the taxi ranks serving Harrods are full then drivers must not queue in the road and should move on.

Earlham Street experimental road closure

Following the experimental closure of Earlham Street, Camden Council are now inviting comments on the closure. If you would like to comment on this then you can find contact details for Camden in the consultation leaflet here.

Piccadilly Two Way

One major project underway at the moment is part two of the Piccadilly Two Way scheme. Information about the current status of this scheme and the proposals  is available online along with contact details if you would like to comment on the scheme. This can all be found here.


At the most recent taxi trade forum there were a number of questions about taxi ranks, links to consultations and responding to consultations.

To help you find out about consultations taking place attached is a list of links to the boroughs’ and TfL’s online consultation portals and website pages. Most consultations for major projects and schemes will be advertised online now and you can normally reply to a consultation by email. You can also register with some boroughs and organisations to be notified of any new consultations.

One major project underway at the moment is the Piccadilly Two Way scheme. Although a consultation on this scheme is not being conducted, information about the current status is available online along with contact details if you would like to comment on the scheme. This can all be found here.

Some boroughs may also have different sections for consultations on different areas (e.g. planning, transport, housing, etc.) and may advertise any new or amended traffic orders separately. 

If you are going to respond to a consultation or comment on proposals then you should try to:

– State who you are or any organisation you are representing

– Clearly set out any comments and objections you have and include any reference numbers used in the consultation so it is clear which comments refer to which points

– Include any alternative ideas or suggestions you might have

– Don’t be abusive or offensive

Events and road closures

You can find information about major public events and works in London that involve road closures and could therefore disrupt traffic on the TfL website here. Live traffic news and disruptions taking place on London’s major roads can also be found on the TfL website here.

Upcoming events include:

– Sunday 12 May 2013, Regent Street will be closed for The World on Regent Street event

– Friday 17 May – Sunday 20 May 2013, due to works outside Marble Arch Station eastbound vehicles wishing to access Oxford Street  will be diverted down Park Lane, Upper Brook street, Park Street and then back on to Oxford Street

– Between 22:00 and 05:30 on Tuesday 21 May, Thursday 23 May and Tuesday 4 June Orchard Street to Oxford Circus will be closed because of Crossrail works

– Friday 28 June 2013, The City of London Festival’s Children’s Parade takes place between 12.45-13.30. Roads closed to allow the parade to take place are Gresham Street, Old Jewry, Poultry, Cheapside, Newgate Street, Warwick Lane, Ave Maria Lane and Paternoster Square. The road closures will be between 12:00 and 14:00. 

– Saturday 3 August – Sunday 4 August 2013, RideLondon FreeCycle, Grand Prix, London to Surrey 100 and the London to Surrey Classic events all take place

Additional suspensions and closures

  • Sloane Avenue (Conran), Sunday 12 May 2013 from 17.00 to 23.00 for installation of new shop window
  • Strand (St. Clement Danes) Monday 13 May to Monday 27 May 2013 for installation of security barriers at the Royal Courts of Justice
  • Charles Street (Chesterfield Hotel), Tuesday 14 May to Friday 17 May 2013 10 metres only for new water connection(Optimise) 1 space will be maintained
  • New Bond Street (Ralph Lauren), Thursday 16 May 2013 from 16.00 to 22.00 for Ralph Lauren event with horses
  • ·Brompton Road (Harrods), Sunday 19 May 2013 from 21.00 to 05.00 for resurfacing of carriageway

Information provided by TfL



5-9pm, Thursday 30th May, 2013

  • A road closure has been granted from 4pm until 10-pm on all the streets radiating from the Seven Dials Monument – Earlham Street, Monmouth Street and Shorts Gardens) with the exception of Mercer Street, which will remain open up to the Seven Dials dial roundabout to allow for pick up and drop off.
  • A parking bay suspension will also be in place from 12noon.
  • Shaftesbury Avenue and Long Acre will still be accessible to traffic.

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