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LTPH Notice 13/13: London Taxi Drivers ‘Cabbies Cabinet


Further to TPH Notice 25/12 this notice provides an update to taxi drivers and driver associations with the outcome of the engagement held late last year with taxi drivers regarding the Mayor’s proposed “Cabbies Cabinet”.
In November 2012 Leon Daniels, Managing Director Surface Transport wrote to every licensed taxi driver outlining the commitments made by the Mayor in his manifesto including the proposal to set up a “Cabbies Cabinet”.
A total of 215 responses were received (less than 1% of all drivers) to this letter with many positive comments and constructive ideas as to a possible constitution and role of the Cabinet. Suggestions as to who should sit on the Cabinet were varied and mixed with some suggesting that more driver associations who currently do not meet with the Mayor should be invited while others suggested that the existing arrangements were sufficient.
All the responses from drivers regarding the Cabbies Cabinet were considered carefully by the Mayor and TfL. Given the very small response from drivers on this issue, the Mayor feels that there is not a significant consensus across the table on the formation of a larger representative body and that the arrangements already in place are serving the needs of taxi drivers and the taxi trade as a whole. TfL will therefore continue to meet with representatives from LTDA, Unite and LCDC on a formal, regular basis and TfL will continue to liaise and meet with all driver groups, associations and representatives as required.
However TfL will continue to hold regular “Open Forums” for all driver groups, individual drivers and trade stakeholders providing anyone involved in the taxi trade the opportunity to meet with TfL to raise and discuss key issues on a regular basis.

John Mason
Director Taxi and Private Hire


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