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Unite’s Christmas card to LTC Administrators


Santa joins London cabbies and Unite AGS Tony Burke deliver a giant Christmas card to PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) offices in London.


Sacked workers from LTI (London Taxi Company) and London cabbies delivered a giant Christmas cards to PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) offices in London and Birmingham yesterday, urging the administrators to ‘make our Christmas and give us a future in 2013’.

In October LTI, the UK’s only black cab maker, went into administration putting the future of Britain’s black cab at risk. There is now a very real risk that the company could collapse, or the black cab could end up being built abroad.

The administrators are reaching a crucial stage in shortlisting potential buyers and the union is urging stakeholders to apply as much pressure as possible to ensure that any buyer commits to building the black cabs in the UK.

Unite is urging PwC and any potential buyer to keep manufacturing in Coventry and the black cab on the road. PwC could make the final decision on the company’s future towards the end of this month or early January.

The union has set up a Facebook campaign page with a link to a petition and is building public support for the campaign.

Unite assistant general secretary, Tony Burke, said: “We are urging PwC to give workers and cabbies a future in 2013.

“PwC must ensure any potential buyer keeps manufacturing in Coventry and the iconic black cab on the road. Unite has even received the backing of London mayor Boris Johnson and business minister Michael Fallon for its campaign to save the black cab.

“Support for our campaign is growing and as the administrator reaches the crucial stages in shortlisting potential buyers for the black cab maker we intend to keep up the pressure.”

Click here to sign the Unite petition and help Save our black cabs.

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