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clip_image002You may have noticed that the taxi rank on Muswell Hill Broadway has been relocated?

The rank now sits in Dukes Avenue which runs off the Broadway to the northwest. The rank was apparently moved to make way for another bus stand.

Unite cab section member John Yianoullou works the rank regularly has been keeping an eye on how the rank is working in its new position and I have also visited the site.

John reports and I can confirm that the rank in its new position isn’t working. Taxis on the rank are being overlooked with customers hailing passing cabs on the Broadway, not seeing that there are cabs for hire in Dukes Avenue. Minicabs are occupying the rank at night, consequently usage is falling.

This is a shame as Muswell Hill has already lost two of its three taxi ranks, four spaces in Queens Avenue and two spaces at the junction of Fortis Green Road.

It can’t go unnoticed that in Leon Daniels ‘letter to the trade’, that Mr Daniels talks of an action plan for suburban drivers.

Perhaps the first thing he needs to do is ensure that suburban drivers, along with all London drivers for that matter, have enough places (ranks) to work from.

London ranks are being targeted by councils (particularly Westminster), who are eager to convert them into paying parking spaces or residents’ parking bays. We must do all that we can to protect them.

Again it can’t go unnoticed that there  always seems to be money available to remove taxi ranks but ‘no money’ when it comes to appointing them.

Peter J Rose.


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