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Workers and cabbies campaign to keep the black cab on the road


When: Friday  23 November 2012 , 8.45am  – 9.30am
Where: St Pancras station taxi rank

When: Friday, 23 November 2012, 10.30am – 11.30am
Where: Dawson Street next to St Johns shopping precinct, Liverpool

Sacked workers from LTI (London Taxi Company) and cabbies will launch a campaign on the streets of London and Liverpool today (Friday 23 November) to gather support to save the iconic black cab.

The sacked workers and cabbies will leaflet black cabbies and passengers at Kings Cross, St Pancras, Heathrow and Liverpool city centre to raise awareness of the threat to the black cab and urge their support. The union has set up a facebook campaign page  with a link to a petition and will be building public support for the campaign over the next month.

Unite, Britain’s biggest union, represents the workers from the Coventry black cab maker and over 1,000 London black cab drivers as well as cab drivers in Liverpool and other UK cities.

Last month, LTI went into administration putting the future of Britain’s only black cab maker at risk. The administrator, PWC (Price Waterhouse Coopers), which is managing the sale of the company’s assets, sacked 156 workers and there is now a very real risk that the company could collapse, or the black cab could end up being built abroad.

Unite is urging PWC and any potential buyer to keep manufacturing in Coventry and the black cab on the road. PWC could make the final decision on the company’s future towards the end of December.

Unite National Officer Roger Maddison said: “Skilled but sacked workers are joining forces with cabbies to get the campaign to save the black cab on the road. The iconic black cab is part of Britain’s manufacturing heritage, but they are at risk of being built abroad or even disappearing from our roads altogether. 

“We are urging commuters and cabbies to support our campaign and persuade PWC to do everything possible to ensure any potential buyer commits to building the black cab here in the UK. “

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