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UNITE Union Launches Save Our Black Cabs Campaign


The meter is running on the future of the iconic black cab. Financial difficulties mean Britain's only black cab manufacturer, Manganese Bronze, based in Coventry, could collapse or black cabs could even end up being manufactured abroad.

Sacked workers from the Coventry black cab maker Manganese Bronze will take to the streets of Coventry today with a black cab to build public support for Unite’s campaign to ‘Save our black cabs’.

WHEN: Saturday 17 November 2012, 12:00-14:00
WHERE: Broadgate, Coventry city centre.

The workers will urge shoppers in Broadgate to support its campaign to ensure that the iconic black cab continues to be built in Coventry and asked to join

The campaign is also being supported by Unite’s London black cab members who will be playing a key role to save the black cab.

Last month Manganese Bronze went into administration putting the future of Britain’s only black cab maker at risk. The administrator PWC (Price Waterhouse Coopers) – which is managing the sale of the company’s assets -sacked 156 workers and there is now a very real risk that the company could collapse or the black cab could end up being built abroad.

Unite is urging PWC and any potential buyer to keep manufacturing in Coventry and the black cab on the road.

Unite regional officer Peter Coulson said: "The black cab is part of Britain’s manufacturing heritage, but they are at risk of being built abroad or even disappearing from our roads altogether. We will be in Coventry city centre tomorrow to gather support to save our black cabs because we believe a British icon should be built in Britain.

"We expect the administrator PWC to do everything possible to ensure any potential buyer commits to building the black cab here in Coventry. Over the coming weeks we will be stepping up our campaign and gathering support to persuade PWC to do the right thing because you can’t put a price on a world famous icon."


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