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As part of the Steering Box Recall announced on Friday 12th October, The London Taxi Company has identified an additional 16 VIN numbers that are affected by the recall.

The VINs are for vehicles that formed part of the original trial for the steering box and these vehicles have been identified as part of an ongoing checking process to ensure that all affected vehicles are removed from service and the road.
There is no wholesale recall of vehicles; only a limited number of vehicles identified by specific VINs.

The VINs of all affected vehicles can be checked by going to The London Taxi Company website ( and inputting the last 6 digits of a vehicle VIN number.

Drivers and owners of this latest batch of vehicles have already been contacted and informed that they have to take their vehicle off the road.
Only vehicles that are featured on the VIN list will need to be taken off the road.

With regards to a fix for the steering box fault, The London Taxi Company can confirm that they are confident that a solution will be ready soon, and that vehicles will begin to be rectified and put back on the road shortly. Customers can contact the Steering Box Recall Team on 02476 572000 for more information.

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