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UNITE Cab Section Statement on Manganese Bronze


UNITE Cab Section Logo The UNITE Cab Section totally condemns the 156 staff redundancies made by the administrators at Manganese Bronze. This represents over half of the firm’s 274 UK employers throughout the company, with many of the redundancies taking place in Coventry. The decision to make these redundancies is completely ruthless and makes no sense when a buyer for the company is being sought. Manganese Bronze had increasing orders before the administrators were called in and there is no reason why the business cannot be sold as a going concern to secure the futures of the workers. By sacking these workers the administrators are sending out completely the wrong signals. It makes it difficult to find a buyer when the company has virtually no staff.

There has been no mention on how these redundancies will affect taxi drivers that own one of these iconic vehicles. No vehicles are being sold by the London Taxi Company and there is confusion about warranty work and the future supply of parts. The announcement of these lob losses does nothing to enhance confidence in the company. Unite Cab Section completely supports the workers of Manganese Bronze and we want the company to carry on as normal as possible.

It is essential that a speedy solution is found to the steering box problems so that drivers can resume driving their vehicles and the company can be in a position to sell taxis. The administrators need to ensure that there is confidence in the company. Their actions can only count against potential buyers coming in and securing the future of Manganese Bronze. It also fuels rumours and distrust of the process.

UNITE Cab Section completely disagrees with all threats of legal action against Manganese Bronze being talked about by various companies with the London taxi trade. At this time such talk does nothing to help the workers at the company and just distracts from the task of finding a solution to the steering fault. Equally any talk by organisations of demonstrations against Manganese Bronze will do nothing to build confidence. Taxi drivers need Manganese Bronze to emerge from the administrative process as a strong viable company with secure future anything else will be a disaster for the taxi trade. At a time when many taxi drivers are facing tough conditions the last thing drivers need is the uncertainty that these 156 staff redundancies bring.

The UNITE Cab Section will do everything that we can to support the workers at Manganese Bronze against these job losses and in securing a future for the production of the famous black cab that our members drive.


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