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Notice 18/12: Review of Fare Receipt Policy Provides Taxi Drivers with Freedom of Choice and Reduced Overheads


With effect from 1 January 2013 taxis will no longer be required to have electronic taxi meter receipt printers installed as a condition of the cab licence.

In 2003, as part of a review of the Conditions of Fitness, Transport for London
(TfL) took the decision to require all London taxis to install taximeters which have the facility to issue printed receipts.

TfL is committed to evaluating the impact and relevance of licensing policies and to support changes that reflect the demand of the taxi industry, with a view to achieving efficiency whilst also reducing any likely costs impact.

TfL Taxi and Private Hire received a number of representations from individual drivers and driver trade associations questioning the continued effectives and relevance of the mandatory electronic meter receipt policy.

Having reviewed this policy and the cost it imposes on drivers TfL considers that requiring all drivers to have receipt printers installed as a mandatory requirement is no longer appropriate.

Although TfL is removing the mandatory requirement for this type of equipment, the requirement that drivers must provide a fare receipt on demand by a passenger remains. However, drivers will now have a choice of how they meet this requirement which could be through issuing paper receipts or, if they
prefer, still using an operational taximeter printer installed in their taxi.

For credit and debit card transactions it is still a legislative requirement that a printed receipt is provided to the passenger and this obligation remains operating.

John Mason
16 October 2012Director Taxi and Private Hire

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