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LTPH Notice 17/12/12: Steering Box Fault in TX4 Taxis


The taxi manufacturer London Taxi Company (LTC) has informed Transport for London, Taxi and Private Hire, of a potential fault within the steering box of  TX4 taxi models, within a defined Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) list, which may cause loss of steering control of the vehicle.

LTC has commenced an immediate campaign to identify all the taxis possibly affected by this fault and will then contact the taxi owners to inform them that they should not use the vehicle.

Following advice from LTC to TfL and other licensing authorities around the UK, we regret that TfL has no option but to suspend the vehicle licence of all taxis that have been identified as being within scope of this steering fault. This suspension takes place with immediate effect.

The taxi licence suspension will remain in place until such time as we have confirmation from LTC that any rework and/or repairs to individual taxis have been carried out. This action is being taken to minimise the risk to passengers, drivers and other road users.

Transport for London will be providing a supporting role to assist in ensuring all affected vehicles are identified as soon as possible and providing advice and support to London taxi owners wherever possible.

For further information please see LTC website: or contact the LTC Customer Support line – 02476 572000.

John Mason
12 October 2012Director Taxi and Private Hire


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