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Community film group wants your stories


Do you have a funny story to tell about your job? Have you had any disasters, strange incidents or crime related happenings involving you and your cab?

We are a small community film group in Herts, and would like to write a script involving drivers of black cabs.

It will be a drama, not a documentary, so no names will be used, just the stories. Think ‘Minder’ or ‘Only fools and horses’ for the style, i.e drama with comedy.

Are you a real ‘character’ or do you know one?

What happened when you first started? Did you make embarrassing mistakes? If you are new to it now what are your experiences? Are there wars between cab drivers?

This is entirely confidential, and I’m afraid unpaid. But we would give you a credit on the film if you wanted one, and if you are an actor we may well invite you to audition. We will also be looking for people who will let us film their cabs and some extras.

Our films are watched by our members of course, and are also sent to film festivals. You can see a trailer for our last film on you tube under ‘Innocence Denied’.

We always have a local ‘premiere’ so you would be welcome to come to that and have a copy of the film.

Please tell me your stories a.s.a.p by email at

Very many thanks, and thanks for all the safe and happy journeys I have had in your cabs.

Sue Shearing

Catch Me Films

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