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The London 2012 Olympics are focusing the eyes of the world on the newly created London E20 postcode where, a majority of the activity is taking place, including the staggering Opening Ceremony, created by Oscar-winning film director Danny Boyle and watched live by an estimated one billion people worldwide.

IMG-20120427-00035One of the most memorable moments was the short film “Happy and Glorious”, which saw Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II parachute from a helicopter above the Olympic Stadium moments before landing safely and taking her seat in the Royal Box. She did this in the company of James Bond who had just arrived at Buckingham Palace in a London taxi supplied by The London Cab Company Ltd.

Company director Gary Zylberszac received a call in April requesting two identical iconic Fairways for a secret project called BBC 2012. These are kept in stock, because identical vehicles are often required as a time saving exercise. This is so the crew can shoot one cab from the outside while preparing its twin with cameras and lights for the internal shot. When the vehicles were delivered to The Mall they were searched by the police before being driven onto the forecourt of Buckingham Palace. It was a typical April day with heavy rain showers and then brilliant sunshine (as seen in the final cut of the film). Filming took place between the rain showers when the cab was waved through the front gates of Buckingham Palace by the police, reversed out and repeated time and time again much to the bemusement of all the tourists. The road was then closed to traffic while a helicopter carrying cameras swooped down low over the Mall tracking the cab for its arrival. For continuity the day was spent mainly leathering off rainwater from the Fairway between takes

Strangely enough, one of the cabs used that day was the “hero” vehicle in a previous Danny Boyle cult film “28 Days Later”. Here a group of people attempt to escape from the ‘plague’ in a London taxi owned by one of the characters!

Once “Happy and Glorious” was shown at the Opening Ceremony there was a sudden burst of comments on Twitter thanking James Bond for supporting London’s cab trade during the Olympics while being sidelined by LOCOG, the ODA and TfL.

Daniel Craig is not the only James Bond to have been a passenger in one of The London Cab Company Ltd vehicles. Pierce Brosnan was also a previous ‘passenger’ driven by company director Gary Zylberszac in a New York cab featured in “Mama Mia- The Movie” which was shot outside the Lloyds Building in the City.

The London Cab Company Ltd has been supplying cabs for film shoots since the late 1990s. In that time the prop cabs have appeared in thousands of scenes from student films to TV programmes to adverts and major Hollywood movies taking instructions from such great directors as Paul Greengrass, Woody Allen and Clint Eastwood.

Whenever London features as part of the storyline, lots of taxis are used to emphasis the point it is London. Our vehicles have appeared in “The Bourne Ultimatum”, “Stormbreaker” and “The Da Vinci Code”. In “National Treasure II – Book of Secrets” starring Nick Cage, there was a four minute stunt filled car chase through central London featuring a Fullers beer lorry, Mercedes, Range Rover and a Fairway carrying The London Cab Company logo on the doors as a tribute to their assistance in the project.




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