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LTPH Notice 09/12: 2012 Games Important Taxi Access Issues and Rank Information


We appreciate that the road changes and other restrictions for the 2012 Games present taxi drivers with a significant challenge and we have worked hard with colleagues in Transport for London (TfL) and the Olympic authorities to minimise the disruption to drivers.
This notice sets out some final important information for taxi drivers regarding various access issues and rank information related to the Games.

Rank changes
There are a number of changes to taxi rank arrangements at various locations over the Olympic and Paralympic Games period. These include:

  • Alexandra Palace – a new rank has been appointed in the east car park, this will be operational from 27/07/12 and will be used for future events
  • Rank at Berkeley Square House suspended and temporary rank appointed at 12/14 Berkeley Square (outside Lloyds TSB bank) from 23/07/12 to 13/08/12
  • Front six metres of rank outside Lansdowne House suspended and rear of rank temporarily extended by six metres from 23/07/12 to 13/08/12
  • Rank outside Morton’s Restaurant suspended and temporary rank appointed outside 40 Berkeley Square from 23/07/12 to 13/08/12
  • Rank for Marriott Grosvenor Square Hotel suspended and temporary rank appointed in Duke Street in front of hotel from 23/07/12 to 13/08/12
  • Dover Street taxi ranks to be suspended and temporary taxi rank to be appointed on west side of Dover Street from 23/07/12 to 13/08/12
  • Park Street, Grosvenor House Hotel rank suspended and replaced with space on Park Street, south of Mount Street from 9/07/2012 to 14/08/2012
  • Centre of the road ranks in Hamilton Place will remain operational
  • Rank outside Tramps nightclub suspended and temporary rank appointed outside The Fountain Restaurant, Jermyn Street from 23/07/12 to 13/08/12
  • Temporary rank for six taxis to be in place on east side of Trafalgar Square for Olympics from 27/07/12 to 12/08/12
  • London Bridge – taxis allowed to use Guildable Manor Street (formerly Railway Approach), this will operate eastwards from Borough High Street towards London Bridge Station from 27/07/12 to 14/09/12
  • St Pancras International station rank to remain operational but will be fed from roadway, rather than current taxi road from 26/07/12 to 10/09/12

Games Lanes access issues for taxis
Through our on-going dialogue with taxi driver associations London Taxi Private Hire has continued to raise various Games Lanes access issues on behalf of taxi drivers with the Olympic Route Network (ORN) and Olympic traffic teams.
These issues and TfL’s position on them are summarised below:

  • Possibility of taxis being allowed access to Trafalgar Square via Charing Cross Road
  • Restrictions on taxis accessing Trafalgar Sq via Charing Cross can not be relaxed at this point in time.
  • Park Lane (precise definition of what you can / can not do)
    The definitive position on Park Lane is that taxis can drive in and pick up and set down in the southbound Games Lane.
  • Possibility of taxis being allowed to access Whitehall
    Taxis can access Whitehall if they are picking up or dropping off passengers in Whitehall but it can not be accessed otherwise
  • Taxis allowed access to Westminster Bridge
    Restrictions on taxis using Westminster Bridge can not be relaxed at this point in time.

Please note: TfL is committed to continually reviewing all such restrictions as well as existing banned turns and access to nearside games lanes throughout the Games period. Restrictions will be lifted if it is possible to do so without compromising games family journey times or safety.
We are informed that there is a significant increased in demand on the network where the current level of restrictions are vital but these will be reviewed throughout the Games.
Banned right turn on the Olympic Route Network at Cumberland Place
We have been informed that a number of taxis and private hire vehicles are not complying with a banned right turn at Cumberland Place. At present warning notices are being issued but full enforcement will take place and could result in a penalty charge of £130.

A final reminder that we will be issuing real time updates 24/7 during the Games via our distribution list and our Twitter account @TFLTPH.

John Mason
Director, Taxi and Private Hire


Following representations from UNITE Cab Section, Transport for London Has also confirmed that taxis ‘are permitted’ to use the Games Lane turn right out of Butcher Row into The Highway  and the issue with the signage in Butcher Row  will be rectified.

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