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Wimbledon Tennis Championships 2012


The 2012 Wimbledon Tennis Championships takes place between Monday 25 June and Sunday 8 July and taxi and private hire services play an important role in helping spectators get to and from the Championships.

During this year’s tournament the following arrangements will be in place:
Southfields Station

·         There will be a taxi rank in Augustus Road, near Southfields Station, offering shared taxi trips to the Wimbledon Tennis Championships.

·         The taxi rank in Wimbledon Park Road, near Southfield Station (rank no. 5619) will not operate during the Championships.
Wimbledon Station

·         Shared taxi trips from the Wimbledon Station taxi rank to the Wimbledon Tennis Championships will be operating.

·         Marshals are expected to be at the Southfields and Wimbledon station ranks in the morning on tournament days. 

·         Passengers going to the tennis should be dropped off at the rank in Church Road, outside Gate 4.
Wimbledon Tennis Club
Church Road

·         There will be a taxi rank in Church Road (outside Gate 4) where spectators will be able to take shared taxi trips to Southfields and Wimbledon stations. The rank will also operate normally for passengers wishing to travel to central London and other destinations. 

·         This will also be the drop-off point for all taxi passengers and stopping elsewhere on Church Road is not permitted. 
Somerset Road

·         There will be a taxi rank in Somerset Road (outside Gate 13) offering shared taxi trips to Wimbledon Station and operating normally for passengers wishing to travel to Central London and other destinations.

·         Marshals are expected to be at the Church Road and Somerset Road ranks from 17:00 onwards.

Sharing arrangements

Taxi sharing at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships has operated effectively for a number of years, and Transport for London (TfL) appreciates the contribution made by the marshals in achieving this success. 

The marshals at Wimbledon have played an integral part in making sure the scheme works as intended.  However, there have in the past been reports of inappropriate behaviour by marshals or drivers. Taxi marshals and drivers represent London’s taxi trade to visitors to the tournament, and are expected to conduct themselves in a suitable manner.

Shared Taxi Fares

For shared taxi trips between Wimbledon or Southfields station and the tennis the fare payable per passenger is:
£2.50 for adults
£1.25 for children between 2 and 10 years old
Children under 2 travel free
It is illegal to charge more than the prescribed fare.
Journeys to other locations
Sharing is only authorised:
From the taxi ranks at Wimbledon Station and on Augustus Road near Southfields Station to the tennis tournament ground by Gate 4, Church Road
From outside Gate 4 at the tennis ground to either of the two stations
From Somerset Road outside Gate 12 of the tennis ground to Wimbledon Station
Fares cannot be negotiated in advance that would come to more than the fare shown on the meter. If a passenger or a group wants a normal (unshared) taxi service, a marshal should ask drivers in the taxi queue if they are willing to take the passengers. However, if a driver cannot be found after a reasonable time normal rules on refusals will apply and the first free taxi on the rank should accept the hiring. 
Refusing these fares or loitering to wait for a shared hiring is not allowed and the driver could be subject to action by TfL.
Any taxi on the rank, including those ranks involved in the sharing scheme, must be available for hire and taxis should not be left unattended on any taxi rank.

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