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Law Commission: Deadline extended on Taxis and Private Hire Services consultation


The Law Commission is extending the deadline for its public consultation on the regulation of taxis and private hire vehicles. Responding to requests from members of the taxi and private hire trades, the Commission is extending its consultation by an extra month until 10 September 2012.
Frances Patterson QC, the Law Commissioner leading on the project, said:
“This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity and we want all those involved to feel they have had a fair chance to be heard.
“We recognise that people in the taxi and private hire trades out of London face practical difficulties in being able to get together to formulate responses. We also know that many of the London-based taxi drivers and private hire operators, as well as licensing authorities, are facing a particular challenge this summer because of the extra work that will come with the Olympics.
“As a result we thought it only right to give a longer time within which people can submit their responses.”
The purpose of the Commission’s review is to simplify, clarify and modernise the law governing taxis and private hire vehicles.
The consultation is now open until 10 September 2012. The Commission’s provisional proposals and consultation questions are outlined in the paper, “Reforming the law of taxi and private hire services”, which is available on

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