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LTC Press release


The London Taxi may have been born in the UK’scapital city but The London Taxi Service is now available worldwide and can be seen operating on the streets of many Middle Eastern and European cities today.

A London Taxi is more than an iconic vehicle. It is a symbol of quality, safety, reliability, security and comfort and The London Taxi Service brings all these benefits to any location in the world together with a professional, trained driver.

The London Taxi Service has been developed by The London Taxi Company who are based in the UK and have manufactured the purpose-built London Taxi for more than sixty years. We have extensive experience not just in building taxis but working with key decision makers and regulators helping to maintain legislation.

The London Taxi Company can now offer our knowledge, expertise and guidance by introducing a London Taxi Service into your city. We will asses any city’s needs and provide a detailed plan for bringing London Taxis to your streets. We can help you at every stage; develop vehicle regulations, licensing policies, driver recruitment, decommission black market taxis etc. As part of the programme we also provide full driver training, Aftersales training and ongoing support and Marketing assistance.

Baku, the capital city of Azerbaijan is one of the many global locations benefiting from a partnership with The London Taxi Company today. A fleet of 1,000 London Taxis is an important part of the public transport network of Baku. The fleet provides tourists and citizens with a professional, high quality, easily regulated taxi service delivered by fully trained drivers.

The London Taxi Service is more than a taxi, it’s a long term plan for your city.

To operate The London Taxi Service in your city please contact or telephone +44 2476 572007.

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