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LTC News Release: Trade comes face-to-face with Factory



Cabbies on UK ranks are set to see some new faces, mingling in amongst the fares, as London Taxi Company production team members hit the streets to talk to the trade.

The initiative, which brings the trade face-to-face with the team who actually make their vehicles, was developed following an in-house survey on ways that the company could develop better relationships with drivers.

So far, four members of the usually Coventry-based manufacturing team have visited ranks in London, to talk direct to the trade. The feedback so far has been excellent, with drivers relishing the opportunity to speak to the men who built their cab.

Commenting on the project, Team Leader Paul Williams, said: “This has been a fantastic opportunity that most people in our position wouldn’t get the chance to do. We’ve been able to talk to the drivers about everything from basic maintenance to more detailed conversations about the taxi build process. Marriage of the carriage

“Some drivers thought that the complete taxis arrived from Shanghai and then were just dispatched across the UK. The truth is that the vehicle is still built in Coventry, from components sourced not only from China, but also from around Europe and the UK.

“We’re immensely proud that we are building a British icon, so we’re keen to do our part to set the record straight, whilst developing relationships with the trade.”

The London Taxi Company joint venture, SLTI, with Chinese automotive manufacturer Geely, does produce complete taxis; however, these are destined for non-UK markets only.

To see the TX4 (Euro 5) being built at the Coventry plant for yourself, simply visit the Contact Us page at and request a factory tour

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