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Addison Lee instructs drivers not to use bus lanes pending the determination of its legal challenge.


Addison Lee Press release.

May 3, 2012

Judicial review brought forward to July

Addison Lee has announced that it is writing to all its drivers instructing them not to use London Bus Lanes pending its application for Judicial Review.

John Griffin, Chairman of Addison Lee said; “Addison Lee remains totally opposed to the current bus lane legislation, which is both unfair and discriminatory. However, now we have achieved our goals of bringing forward the judicial review and bringing the issue to public debate, we feel we have made our point.”

Since the company advised drivers it would indemnify them against fines for entering the bus lanes, around 800 tickets have been issued.

In the recent legal action brought by TfL against Addison Lee, the Judge noted the company’s argument that the bus lanes regulations constitute, “flagrant discrimination in favour of Black Cabs” against Private Hire Vehicles and that this “…gave Black Cabs a significant unfair competitive advantage causing [private hire vehicles] drivers significant loss”.

Griffin added; “We are confident that we will succeed in overturning this legislation so that we can compete on fair terms with the Black Cabs. In the circumstances and in the spirit of cooperation, I have recommended to our drivers that they stay out of the bus lanes until our case has been heard.”

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