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Ken Livingstone press release: “John Griffin should be Prosecuted”


Addison Lee Chairman, John Griffin’s instruction to his drivers to flout bus lane rules is an incitement to break the law and create anarchy on the roads. He should be prosecuted. In the light of Mr Griffin’s stance we would review Addison Lee’s licence to operate as a private hire firm in London.

Addison Lee was a major donor to the Tory mayor’s campaign at the last election – making a gift of £25,000.  It is reported that the firm has donated at least a further £250,000 to the Conservative Party since then. The Tories should declare if they have received any donations from Addison Lee for the 2012 mayoral election and, if so, when they will be returning them.

Bus and cycle lanes are necessary so that 4 million daily bus passengers can have reliable journeys, and cyclists can travel safely. Taxis are allowed in because they are licensed to pick up and drop off passengers when they are hailed in the street and so need access to the kerb. Mini-cabs are only licensed if trips are pre-booked and so do not need the same access. Ken will not support mini-cabs having access to bus lanes as a result.

Ken Livingstone for London
Labour for the London Assembly
London Labour Party

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