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Operation Condor swoops across London


From the TfL Press Office

The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) Safer Transport Command (STC) funded by Transport for London made a total of 115 arrests last weekend for touting as part of Operation Condor, the largest MPS operation of the year which cracked down on unlicensed activity.
The operation was co-ordinated across London’s 32 boroughs which proactively targeted all aspects of licensing including pubs and clubs, unlicensed mini cabs, betting shops, driving license fraud the procurement of second hand goods, gambling establishments, benefit fraud, under age selling of alcohol, cigarettes, and knives and much more.
Working with the STC Cab Enforcement Unit, all 32 borough-based Safer Transport Teams were mobilised to tackle illegal minicabs on their boroughs.
Helen Chapman, Deputy Director of London Taxi and Private Hire, said:
“TfL is pleased to have had the opportunity to support the Metropolitan Police as part of Operation Condor. Our compliance officers worked in partnership with the Safer Transport Teams across London to check all aspects of taxi and private hire licensing for the duration of the operation.
“We take the issue of touting extremely seriously as it puts the travelling public at risk and undermines the legitimate and law abiding taxi and private hire trades. In this operation the Safer Transport Cab Enforcement Unit, with support from the taxi and private hire compliance team has been successful in cracking down on touting and enhancing the safety of the travelling public.”


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