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September sales boost for London Taxi Company


The London Taxi Company saw the trade vote with its feet last month, with the Brewery Road dealership experiencing a 27% increase in sales, month on month.

The company stopped producing Euro IV TX4s at the end of September, and the Midland’s manufacturer expects to see the trend continue, with savvy drivers in the market for a new TX4 taking advantage of the £3,000 cost saving before the launch of Euro 5.

General Manager, Mark Brown said: “We’re obviously over the moon to start to see the increase in sales, especially because our Used taxi sales reflect this increase too. We are keen for drivers to take advantage of the £3,000 cost saving with Euro IV TX4, however, now that we have stopped production, it starts to become a case of ‘first come, first served’ on finite and diminishing stock.

“We are determined to support the trade through the changes and challenges of 2012. Whether they are in the market because of the MAQS, or simply want to ensure that they have the best vehicle possible in the run-up for the Olympics.

”This is our best value TX range and lowest priced Automatic for more than a decade. We’ve reviewed our part-exchange rates to ensure they are strong. Like our current trade advert says ‘It costs nothing to find out what your taxi is worth… in fact it could you cost you thousands not to’. Three thousand to be exact!”

For more information on Euro IV TX4, available on the road from £29,995, visit any of The London Taxi Company’s dealerships in London, Coventry, Manchester, Leeds, Edinburgh or Glasgow, or alternatively, visit and request your FREE valuation online.

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