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Residents reminded not to use illegal minicabs


Dartford’s residents are being reminded to check their cab is safe following the discovery of unlicensed taxi services advertised in shop windows.
Following complaints from the public and inspections by Dartford’s Community Safety Unit (CSU) and Kent Police, shopkeepers have been advised to remove the advertisement cards from their windows.

In addition, two drivers have been identified and interviewed where they admitted to acting as taxis despite being unlicensed. The pair were issued with formal warnings and have been advised that further action will be taken against them if they come to the attention of the CSU or Kent Police again.

Dartford Borough Council’s Community Safety Unit and Kent Police work closely together to help to ensure the safety of the Borough’s residents. Part of the CSU’s work also includes the licensing of Hackney Carriages and minicabs.

Councillor Dave Hammock, Lead Member for Enforcement & Licensing said, “We do all we can to ensure illegal unlicensed cabs are not operating in the Borough. Cab users should always remember to hire their cab from a reputable company and if they’re not happy – don’t get in and report it to the Police.


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