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Bank of England new-style £50 note


You may be aware from recent media coverage that the Bank of England is introducing a new-style £50 note in to circulation on 2 November 2011.
The key points regarding the new note are:
·         The new-style £50 note featuring Matthew Boulton & James Watt will enter circulation on Wednesday 2 November 2011
·         From 2 November 2011 the new-style £50 note will co-circulate with the current £50 note, featuring Sir John Houblon, until further notice
·         Images of the new-style £50 note and free publicity materials,  giving full details of the new note, will be available on 2 November 2011
·         Free publicity materials can be pre-ordered by calling 020 7601 4878, by completing the order form attached, or via the Bank of England website which also has further information about the new note:
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