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Advice on the consideration of taxi and private hire licence applications in London


From the London Taxi and Private Hire’ Staff Manual

10.15 ‘Satellite’ operating centres

To facilitate the provision of safe travel for those attending nightclubs and other late night venues, operators have been allowed to run operating centres from such venues and to have the premises added to their licence. The taxi and PHV trades refer to such centres as „satellite centres‟.

The criteria for such operating centres are currently being reviewed. Pending the outcome of the review, from 1 June 2010 until further notice, TPH will not process any new applications for operating centres within such venues. However if the applicant provides mitigating circumstances that warrants the application being given further consideration or the Operator Licensing Manager believes that an application warrants further consideration (e.g. because representations from the police indicate it is favourable on safety grounds), the application should be escalated to the Licensing Authority for a decision.

When accepting bookings at existing operating centres in late night venues, operators must comply with the same requirements as any other PHV operating centre. However, experience has shown that some operators regularly fail to comply with regulations and other conditions of licensing.

If any licensed operator or person working on behalf of an operator is observed accepting bookings away from the operating centre e.g. on the street, the Licensing Authority will consider removing that operating centre from the licence. In the interest of public safety the decision will have immediate effect

Repeated breaches of licensing regulations could lead to the revocation of the operator’s whole licence.

Q: So what happened to ‘ONE STRIKE AND YOU’RE OUT’ for minicab operators?


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