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UNITE has learnt that TfL are to remove 25 taxi spaces from the rear of the rank at Paddington Station tonight.

This snap move has been done to accommodate an overnight Bus stand. UNITE as well as the other members of the London Cab Ranks Committee have protested to LTPH about the loss of valuable rank space and argued that the bus stand could be placed elsewhere utilising existing bus stands.

UNITE’s Jim Kelly has written to LTPH saying:

”There has been a history of conflict in the area during the day shift, between the Police and the taxi trade due to the lack of adequate rank space and it is probable that this may now occur at night due to your decision. We would therefore request that you suspend implementing your decision pending consultation withe the LCRC.  At the very least there should be a new feeder rank appointed of similar size, on a 24 hour, 7 days a week basis, on Harrow Road westbound between Edgware Road and Harrow Road roundabout. This should be in place when your changes start at Bishops Bridge. Trains operate into Paddington until after Midnight and start again at 5.30am. In order to provide a service to Paddington we feel that the time of the bus stands should be operational from Midnight to 5am”.

JUST IN: LTPH Notice 27/10

Important Changes to
Paddington Station Taxi Rank

With effect from Tuesday 28 September 2010 the taxi rank arrangements at
Paddington Rail Station have changed. Part of the rank, on Bishop’s Bridge
Road, will now be used as a bus stand between the hours of 11pm to 5.30am
daily. Buses will stand in the nearside lane alongside the kerb, allowing taxis to
continue to use the outside lane.

TfL apologise for the short notice of this change and to any taxi driver who may
be inconvenienced. However, urgent action was necessary to relocate the bus
stand from Westbourne Terrace due to a high number of complaints from local
residents regarding the noise disturbances in the area.

Due to the time constraints, TfL were unable to formally consult with drivers
and the taxi ranks committee in advance of the change. However, we have tried to minimise the impact to taxi drivers by agreeing that taxis can continue to use the rank as normal between 5.30am and 11pm.

Whilst use of the rank drops significantly outside of these times taxi drivers will
still have use of approximately 65 allocated spaces at the station and we will
monitor the situation very closely and seek to address any issues arising.

John Mason
29 September 2010Director Taxi and Private Hire
For previous Notices visit

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