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Addison Lee rank up at Grosvenor House


Only a couple of weeks since LTPH had to apologise to the London taxi trade over the suspension of the rank at the Dorchester in favour of private hire. It would seem that once again the trade has been let down. Drivers working the night of Sunday 26th September have once again seen minicabs, marshal in attendance working from a hotel taxi rank.

In correspondence with LTPH in the aftermath of the Dorchester (which can be read on this website) UNITE’s Jim Kelly said that a line of minicabs on a taxi rank would look to the general public that they were available for immediate hire. Something that UNITE found unacceptable.

This latest incident comes after an intense period of Badge and Bill checks going out as far as the two cab rank in Hornchurch.

UNITE has for many, many months been arguing that the amount of On Street Compliance checks on the taxi trade compared to PH is unacceptably disproportionate.

UNITE shall continue to campaign for a fairer proportion of PH to be checked and better enforcement of PH using the capitals taxi ranks.

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